Taegeuk Bow

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  • Right hand use
  • Left hand use

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* Taegeuk Bow Specification
1) Bow Lengths : 49"(124cm)
2) Draw Weight : 35#, 40#, 45#, 50#@31"
3) String : Fast flight
4) Type : RH or LH
5) String Included

Taegeuk bow (Korean Traditional Bow
The Taegeuk bow is a Korean traditional bow that was made by Korean bowyer, Mr. Cho Yeong-seok.  It is a characteristic of Korean traditional bows in that shooting uses only the force of the handle called a jumtong.  The Taegeuk bow was also made the same way,
so when shooting, the vibrations are not transferred to the body because the jumtong absorbs them.

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